Digital Midsummer

The Most Magical Midsummer You Ever Dreamed


“…to create a production that will lead the way in the use of digital technology, connecting with new, younger audiences and inspiring the theatre of tomorrow …”

Shaping the future

A ground-breaking project, melding state-of-the-art technology with traditional theatre techniques to retell classical stories in an exciting and imaginative way.


Experimenting with advanced digital technology and pushing it further to create the magic and fantasy elements in the text, to create a new immersive and imaginative theatre experience


To engage younger audiences, building a more sustainable future for live theatre and inspire a passion for the classics. The show uses digital technology and projection mapping techniques of bespoke 3D artwork


We are working hard to create a production service that will lead the way in the use of digital technology, connecting with new, younger audiences and inspiring the theatre of tomorrow.

“...our first steps towards creating a new theatre experience for the digital age...”

...The long-term impact of the research and development being facilitated by Digital Midsummer will have a hugely positive impact and will change the way we experience theatre in the future; especially for the younger generation
Rebecca Gadsby

Our Technology


We are experimenting with ways to see how the technology in our pockets can be incorporated into a show to enhance viewing experience


using infra-red sensors combined with other technology, we aim to create the scenery and magic in real-time – rather than pre-recorded projection which has thus far been used in theatre. The projection will react to actors moving around set as it happens, live


We are developing ideas and technology so that audience’s experience of theatre begins as soon as they purchase their tickets, right through to a post-show experience. We want to use technology to create a more immersive, engaging and imaginative experience

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Our Project

We are currently developing a ground-breaking production of William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, that will engage younger audiences and develop a more sustainable future for the theatre and for ‘The Classics.’ The production will experiment with augmented and virtual reality to enhance our theatre experience.   Midsummer has some of the most beautiful imagery and exciting magical moments in literature.   We want to use digital technology to push the boundaries of where the play has gone before.   Using the latest technology in projection mapping, face recognition and real-time projection, we will create a production of Midsummer that is visually striking, imaginative, magical and immersive.

Our Feedback

Test Recording

First 'Live' Showcase Trail In Front Of A Live Audience

  • This is just a short a preview of the
    technology and its capabilities.
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Test Reviews

Live Audience Feedback

  • Here what a live audience thought about the test preview of A Midsummer Nights Dream